Road Less Travelled Press was initiated by Tamara Rabea in spring 2021 as a framework towards a collective publishing practice, mutual exchanges, and collaboration.

    The core idea: to explore acts of protest and kindness in public space. How do individual and collective action link and grow, both rooted in agency and interdependence? 

Working in pairs, groups and workshops, with photography, dialogue, archives, libraries; and other approaches as they emerge in the specific context. 

    Through collective learning and publishing, the press’ aim is to generate and circulate narratives of agency and social change.
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This first publication, Road Less Travelled Vol. 1, started with an invitation: to friends and people I have worked with on books, campaigns, workshops and projects. 

[ Dear friend,
could you share an action with me?

I’ve started working on DIY-publishing project called ‘Road Less Travelled Press’. Each volume is a collaboration and exploration of individual or collective action in public space: from small acts of kindness and care between strangers in the public to activist activity and street protest.

As part of this, I wanted to invite you to contribute a  documentation of one ‘act/action in public space’  with me — in the form of a photograph and text, something you have been involved with or that you experienced, observed, seen.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be producing ‘Vol. 1’ — an introduction to the ideas behind the Road Less Travelled and an invitation to others to collaborate on future volumes; exploring new ways of fluid, collective making. Opening up my process as early as possible, I wanted to work with a whole range of experienced and collected acts in this first volume and welcome your contribution!*]


Alan Denney
Ken Worpole
Simon Tang
Vero Herkle
Maja Ngom
Dave Owen
Ange King
Feride Kumbasar
Zoë Garbett
Maggie Freake
Angela Christofilou
Will Weston
Aran O’Carroll
David Gösta Dawson
Tamara Rabea
Katarzyna Perlak

Some of the 24 photo/ text contributions, working title: Twenty four paths. Next step is to work out ways to collectively edit the publication.

Street library in Stoke Newington, photo taken by Ken Worpole

Minnie Lansbury on her way to prison, 1921

The Silent March, 1962, from Hackney Archives

Leizig in 1989, photo taken by K. Heinz Müller

Postmans Park, London, taken by Allan Denney

Kill the Bill protester, May 2021, taken by Tamara Rabea

Resist the Eviction, Stamford Hill Estate, 1980s

No more Hiroshima, photo taken by Rio Tape/ Slide Newsreel Group, 1980s

Hackney Anit-Deportation Campagin, photograph by Dave Owen

End Abuse Against Women, 2021

Nael on the vigil ‘Wir haben Platz [We have space], by Vero Herkle.