Road Less Travelled Press was initiated in 2021 as a framework towards collective publishing, mutual exchanges and collaboration.


Working in pairs, groups and workshops; with photography, dialogue & text, archival materials and book making; developing new approaches as they emerge in the specific context. 

Through collective learning and making, the press’ aim is to generate and circulate narratives of agency towards social and political change.


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Welcome to Road Less Travelled Press -
a space of evolving activities & publications

Road Less Travelled Vol. 1

[physarum polycephalm or slime mold - organisms of collectivity & synergy]
notes / reflections on process of Vol. 1 towards a blueprint for future volumes & a sustainable publishing  

step by step


*five-hole pamphlet stitch

*multi-section coptic binding

reading groups & workshops

12 May 22, 4-6 PM

'moving at the speed of trust' - reading group: join us for a collective reading of ‘Toolkit for Cooperative, Collective & Collaborative Cultural Work’ by Press Press & The Institute for Expanded Research and sharing ideas & experiences on collaboration, process & trust

more info & register here!

past reading groups:

Collective publishing practices: Learning from Sheba Press co-run with Kelly Foster, Learning from Centerprise co-run with David Dawson and Learning from Camera Work co-run with Alan Denney

The framework of Aboriginal pedagogies called 8ways has been so helpful for learning in new ways about collectivity and circulation. Working with symbols & images, story sharing, mapping and visualising processes, place & community based experiences, being hands-on and reflective, with non-linear or synergistic approaches to deconstruct/ reconstruct new ideas.

[leaf in Aran’s hand - resembling slime mold collectives in structure and sharing its name and materiality with the physical pages of a book]

For tools and materials, workshops, printers, online platforms & archives, publishing practices, ... with a focus on worker-run co-opeartives, collectives & small businesses
this is a start - please get in touch to help expand this

AK Press, Centerprise Publishing, Kelly Foster & Half Letter Press  
March-June 2021: thanks to Artquest - this came to life with the support of the Adaptations Grant

(c) Tamara Rabea 2022