Road Less Travelled Press was initiated by Tamara Rabea in spring 2021 as a framework towards a collective publishing practice, mutual exchanges, and collaboration.

    The core idea: to explore acts of protest and kindness in public space. How do individual and collective action link and grow, both rooted in agency and interdependence? 

Working in pairs, groups and workshops, with photography, dialogue, archives, libraries; and other approaches as they emerge in the specific context. 

    Through collective learning and publishing, the press’ aim is to generate and circulate narratives of agency and social change.
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Learning with the 8 ways - notes on and ideas behind the road less travelled

The 8 ways framework of Aboriginal pedagogy:

Make sure to read the site’s protocol in full here. The 8 Ways framework is a NSW Department of Education initiative. It has been developed collectivley. Ownership of Indigenous Knowledge works belong to Individuals and groups.

Anyone is welcome to make use of the 8 ways and develop it to their context. Which means taking. The offer to take is in the philosophy that taking means smiultanousley giving (back), too. Permission sought from the original source is a requirement, out of courtesy

A geodesic sphere by Buckminster Fuller

[Notes on synergy]
energy that expands through cooperation
The whole is greater than the sum of its parts...
Greek word synergos means ‘working together’
Buckminster Fuller coined this word.
He was a philosphical engineer who developed the geodecis sphere, a strucutre that... He also wrote the book ‘Critical Path’ in 1981. 

(On a critical path)

Synergy and slime mold collectivity ︎︎︎