Road Less Travelled Press was initiated by Tamara Rabea in spring 2021 as a framework towards a collective publishing practice, mutual exchanges, and collaboration.

    The core idea: to explore acts of protest and kindness in public space. How do individual and collective action link and grow, both rooted in agency and interdependence? 

Working in pairs, groups and workshops, with photography, dialogue, archives, libraries; and other approaches as they emerge in the specific context. 

    Through collective learning and publishing, the press’ aim is to generate and circulate narratives of agency and social change.
︎ Collaborations, contributions
︎ Reading groups, workshops
︎ Collective publishing

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Notes towards a sustainable blueprint for collective publishing practice


︎︎︎naming it and honouring 

Can’t worry if something is art or not. Naming your reality, expressing yourself, speaking up, stepping out.

sources / contexts/ research 

︎ new ways of learning and making

move with the speed of trust (press press)
towards building long-lasting relationships

(8 ways) for workshops, reading groups


finding a format for group editing 
making visible the different formats of exchanges in publications
book binding as  collective making through workshops
hand binding for pulications as tactile objects, for sale
try new printing techniques regularly, starting with riso for volume 1


pasting QR codes & pages locally in places spefic to content of publication
building infrasturucture for local distribution with bookshops 
mainting long-term relationships and establishing new ones

creative commons for online circulation: pdf of publication available as download with hand binding manual for new circulations 


sales, donations, commissions

Transparency is key. Where does money come from, where does it go, how much do people get paid? Taking people’s circumstances into account to spread budget accordingly. Working with the artists union guidelines. This needs to be worked out with each new publication.